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我们的目标是让我们的管道和能源设施每天安全运行,让公众, 我们的员工和环境不会受到涉及我们资产的事件的影响. 安全是,也将永远是我们的第一价值观.


We aim for our pipelines and facilities to operate incident-free and to ensure our assets serve our people and communities across the continent for years to come.


管道是最安全的, 最环保的方式运输天然气和石油的时期. Our pipeline safety programs are among the most robust in the industry and the most important part of our business. From pipeline 完整性 innovations to investing in leak detection technology and public awareness programs, 安全是我们所做一切的共同纽带.


One of the best demonstrations of our commitment to safety is our long-standing and ongoing 管道 Integrity Program. 这一年度流程保持了我们管道系统的完整性、安全性和可靠性. 我们的流程包括:

  • 风险评估
  • 威胁识别和评估
  • 完整性监测,以检测管道异常
  • 通过检查和维修解决管道异常
  • 对管道进行额外的监测、调查挖掘和工程评估
  • 复习和学习.

在这个程序之上, 每公里/英里的管道, pump, 压缩机设施或发电站采用成熟的技术和集成, 业界领先的安全系统. 一旦构造, 所有管道和设施都受到持续监控, 不管是不是从管道里出来的, 在地面上或从空中.



防泄漏是重中之重. 这就是为什么我们采取重大措施,以防止泄漏的机会之前, 在我们的管道和设施使用期间和之后.

它开始于施工期间, with each joint of pipe being factory coated with high-performance coatings and carefully transported to the project location. Each individual weld is inspected using radiographic or ultrasonic techniques to ensure the highest quality welding. Qualified onsite inspectors visually inspect every phase of the installation process including lowering the pipe into the ditch, 然后是回填.

安装完成后, a low voltage electrical current is applied to the pipeline to prevent corrosion and the pipe is tested with water (hydrostatic testing), 加压到比操作过程中所经历的更高的水平. 万一发生意外, TC能源全权负责应急响应, 清理和费用.

阅读更多全球十大赌博靠谱平台我们 应急计划.


一天24小时, 一年365天, our 操作 Control Centres (OCCs) manage some of the world’s most sophisticated pipeline monitoring technology.

在北美各地的站点, we conduct everything from aerial patrols (using low-flying aircraft and sensitive detection equipment), to geotechnical monitoring and searches for areas where erosion may have washed away the soil covering a pipeline.

在线检查也是我们日常工作的一部分. 也被称为“pigging”,' (管道 Inspection Gauge) these inspections use an internal inspection device called a 'smart-pig' to travel the length of a pipeline to collect data to monitor the condition of the pipeline. 当在线检查发现潜在的异常时, investigative digs may also be conducted to expose the anomaly for further inspection and potential repair.

这条线路是否运输天然气、石油和液体, 在潜在的问题或不正常的第一个迹象, OCC操作员在几分钟内停止管道流动, 隔离问题,帮助保护自然环境.


了解更多 about how innovative technology is helping us detect leaks and maintain pipeline 完整性 across the continent.



Our Innovation and Decision Optimization (IDO) team developed the Plausible Profiles Corrosion Assessment Model or ‘P Square’ for short, an industry-disrupting model that provides a more accurate representation of corrosion features in pipelines. 从2014年成立至今, the P Square Methodology is the first industry-wide improvement to that model in the ensuing 30 years and work is ongoing to incorporate this into referenced standards.

Advancements to the model allow our teams to make better decisions when it comes to preventative maintenance, 诚信挖掘及其他诚信活动. 结果是, 我们实现了更少的地面干扰, 具有额外的安全和环保效益.

Today, Psqr模型因其创新和行业领先的技术而获得了无数奖项, including a Global 管道 Award for outstanding advances in innovation and technology related to pipeline transportation.



不断提高我们的管道和设施的完整性和可靠性, 一直都是, 这是我们的首要任务之一. 这里有一些我们正在做的方法.


管道及操作  确保安全

通过与行业同行合作, 大学, 大学和政府, 我们是业内最大的研发项目之一的一部分. In fact, 自2013年以来,我们已投资超过1.5亿美元用于研究和创新,以提高安全性, 诚信和质量是我们行业的核心.


管道及操作  提高效率

半个多世纪以来, we’ve been instrumental in testing new technologies to maximize pipeline efficiency – from safety improvements to minimizing emissions and more. 通过聚焦R&D美元,我们投资于我们业务的长期可持续性.


管道及操作  环境管理

作为我们环境管理承诺的一部分, we work to minimize our environmental footprint as we strive to meet the energy needs of North Americans. We invest heavily in understanding the impacts our pipelines and facilities have on sensitive wildlife species and work to preserve and protect ecosystems throughout North America.

3-1-1_pipelines_2.jpg case-study-icon.png


From our control centre operators to our detailed maintenance and inspection programs and regular ground and air patrols, there are a lot of eyes to ensure our pipelines that deliver the natural gas and oil that fuels our society do so safely. Hifi的新型光纤技术目前正在我们的液体管道系统的部分上进行试验, 我们现在也有“耳朵”监控管道.


Two fiber optic lines – one inside the pipeline and one outside – run the length of sections being piloted to provide an additional layer of safety. 以光速处理数据, 光纤线路可以报告管道声音的变化, 自然事件可能导致的运动和温度, 比如地震, 或者人为的影响,比如建筑.

有了这些数据, the aim is for pipeline companies to be able to respond more quickly to possible leaks and apply ‘lessons learned’ to prevent future leaks.